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Free trainings available for everyone on various circular economy topics in Valmiera, Latvia!

05 March 2024
In Valmiera makerspace DARE, on February 29, the first free training took place, during which the participants could gain new knowledge about the product's life cycle and ecological footprint.
Technical details

Small and medium entrepreneurs, regional and local public authority representatives and people from other interest groups attended the training. Anyone who cares about environmental issues in the production process of products or simply want to expand their knowledge on this topic were welcomed. The main goal of the training session was to start making more sustainable decisions in their everyday life whether it is in their business or personal life. The training was led by Jānis Brizga – senior researcher and assistant professor at the University of Latvia and chairman of the board of the association “Green Freedom”. Jānis Brizga’s great experience and knowledge allowed even the most knowledgeable training participants to learn something new, creating interesting and meaningful discussions among themselves.

During the session, participants discussed what are environmentally friendly rules to keep in mind during product development, learned about product life cycle, linear and circular economy and what should be taken into account to promote the production and distribution of environmentally friendly products. There was also an opportunity to do practical product sustainability mapping, keeping in mind the environmental impact of a current or potential future product. In the conclusion, the project manager of the company SIA “V.L.T” Arno Vaģelis told the story of their experience in implementing sustainable innovations and operating on circular economy principles.

During this year in makerspace DARE circular economy topic will be brought up more and more by not only various workshops but also by offering 6 more different training sessions on similar topics. The next session is expected already on March 27 about recycling, reusability and repairability. Signing up will be published soon in DARE’s social media.

Valmiera makerspace DARE hopes to meet at trainings to learn together about making more environmentally friendly decisions. Other current events of makerspace DARE can be found by following on social media platforms such as Instagram (@dare_valmiera) and Facebook (@VKD.DARE). The event was organized within the framework of the Circular Economy makerspace project (Circular spaces) together with the Valmiera Development Agency and Valmiera County Municipality.

The information was prepared by:
Dina Linda Mīlberga
Communication Manager of Valmiera Makerspace DARE