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Empowering makers for a sustainable future – newsletter #2

25 June 2024
We are delighted to share the second edition of our Circular spaces newsletter! This issue is packed with exciting updates and developments from our project, showcasing our commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in makerspaces across the Baltic Sea region.
Technical details

From May 28 to 30, our project partners gathered in Stavanger, Norway, to discuss the latest advancements in our activities. This meeting was crucial for aligning our strategies and ensuring that our initiatives are on track. Focus was also placed on communication, highlighted by a group workshop dedicated to enhancing our outreach efforts.

One of the major highlights of this edition is the introduction of our comprehensive training program for makers. This program is designed to empower makers with the knowledge and skills to incorporate circular economy principles into their projects. By promoting sustainable innovation and resource efficiency, we aim to build a community of creators committed to environmental responsibility.

We are also excited to share the first results from our ongoing activities. On April 29, an event organised by our partners Valmiera Development Agency brought together representatives from makerspaces, NGOs, public organizations, and creative enthusiasts to discuss the progress and future plans of the Circular Spaces project.

Find the link to the newsletter below.