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Will the EU’s new AI Act lead to greater demand for AI solutions?

03 April 2024
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The new AI regulation from the EU is in the pipeline. But what does it mean for companies developing AI solutions for healthcare? The AI regulation will create better safety and thus greater demand for AI solutions – but it will also place higher demands on companies, according to Sandra Liede, Senior Legal Specialist at Terveysteknologia ry – Healthtech Finland and Dr. Oliver Eidel,

Read the whole article by Lotte Overbjerg from Danish Life Science Cluster here.

Sandra Liede and Dr. Oliver Eidel were speakers at the webinar ‘The coming AI legislation – will change everything… or will everything change?’, hosted by CAIDX partner Danish Life Science Cluster. The webinar was part of a series of four by the CAIDX project.

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