BSR Go-abroad - building market and supply chain opportunities for micro SMEs within the Baltic Sea Region
BSR Go-abroad

Partner meeting in Oslo

24 January 2024
Two-days workshop in Oslo - designing the Internationalization Process for Startups in the Baltic Sea Region.
Technical details


During the workshops in Oslo, we designed a comprehensive internationalization process for startups operating in the Baltic Sea Region.

Throughout the sessions, we focused on preparing micro and small enterprises for successful internationalization. Our goal was to develop methods to support the transformation of their products, services, processes and business models to become internationalized.

This is the challenging task, as in addition to designing the internationalization program, we must also ensure that it isstandardized and replicable in other countries according to the current plan.

The workshops in Oslo were a significant step towards creating an effective program that will help our startups successfully enter international markets.

We eagerly look forwards to the next stages of the project!