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Provoke Joy!

17 November 2023
SDG 0 - The foundation and ultimate goal of Agenda 2030.
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The pressure is growing on changing our food systems. The present food system faces major challenges in terms of sustainable development along social, economic and environmental dimensions.
Food education is critical in developing healthier students, families, communities and resilient food systems. Prioritising food education in our public schools and educational institutes is a path to developing a healthy next generation and sustainable food regions.

But one thing that tends to be forgotten when dealing with the challenges that need strong and urgent collaboration – is to bring Joy to the table.
What could become of our society if we centred joy when designing our food systems?

You’ve probably heard of SDG1-17, but is there an SDG0?
The two Talks is about the unwritten 18th Sustainable Development Goal, SDG 0, to leverage the desired change. The speakers cover aspects from network activities between Food Schools in Copenhagen, bringing food science and technology into classrooms in Finland, to schools as living labs in Greece for food system transformation.

More about the Talkers here:
Episode 1 – The development of meaning
Episode 2 – The narrative

These Talks have been developed in collaboration with the Nordic Talks podcast (a project under The Nordic Council of Ministers).