Baltic Municipality’s Food Coalition
BSR Food Coalition

Latgale Planning Region

10 July 2024
Technical details
  1. Organization of a survey among the students who participated in an exploratory tour to an organic farm at the end of September, evaluation of the results of the survey and creation of video and photo materials about this activity. You can watch a short video about this activity here:
  2. Organizing and leading two 2-day cooking courses for school cooks in the Latgale region in collaboration with the municipality of the Karlstad region (Sweden). The masterclasses were led by Alain Grenard – Head of the nutrition department at Karlstad Municipal Schools, Andreas Maninnerby – kitchen manager at Sundsta-Älvkullegymnasiet, Anton Utterström – kitchen manager at Fredricelundsskolan. The masterclasses took place in Daugavpils on 30.10. – 31.10.2023 (21 participants), Rezekne – 02.11. – 03.11.2023 (36 participants);
  3. organized and led a face-to-face conference “Farm to School programme- the wheel does not have to be reinvented twice”, which was attended by BSR Food Coalition project manager Jennifer Avci and Alain Grenard with the team (Sweden) and other speakers. The conference programme can be found here: (62 participants);
  4. A survey was conducted among the participants of the cooking masterclasses and the conference participants, the data obtained was processed, and video and photo material about these activities was produced. Video about the masterclasses in Daugavpils here:, in Rēzekne here:, the conference here:,;
  5. On 05.12.2023, a presentation took place at the event “2nd BSR Food Coalition – pilot status & progress” – the second online reporting event for the implemented and planned project activities. More than 40 representatives of target groups from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden participated);
  6. On 26.01.2024. organized a training for procurement specialists of Latgale region on “Procurement of food and catering services for school supply” (15 participants), video ;