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Klaipėda Region activities

10 July 2024
Technical details

Implementation of 2 (out of 3) local workshop in Gargždai (03.10.2023) and Kretinga (21.02.2024) for testing developed regional methodology for identifying local input and actions to the regional farm-to-school program and to create commitment for joint actions to improve the situation. As Kretinga‘s situation required more discussions and debate‘s 2nd meeting was organized and moderated (08.03.2024).

Workshop in Klaipeda District. | Facebook | LinkedIn |

Workshop in Kretinga District. | Facebook | LinkedIn | 

BSR Food Coalition project presentation for Interreg Baltic Sea Program KISMET project partners on project‘s event „Coffee with KISMET“ (25.01.2024). Link: Due to presentation cooperation with Hamburg food cluster started. Partners meeting in Hamburg to discuss both project activities and possibilities, Food cluster establishment opportunities (29.02.2024).