Baltic Municipality’s Food Coalition
BSR Food Coalition

"BSR Food Coalition" Framework creation and development

10 July 2024
Technical details

Klaipėda university project team was responsible of “BSR Food Coalition” Framework creation and development. As it was stated in previous reporting period the Framework structure and it’s content was created and presented in the previous reporting period. During the next reporting period Klaipėda University has prepared the guidelines for the project partners for the project pilots’ description. After the pilots were implemented and described the Framework was fulfilled with additional material “Farm-to school Framework” pilots. In the first step, the developed pilot projects in all partner countries were based on the created Framework system. Also helped the experience gained from the results of the overview questionnaires indicating the general situation similarities and differences in different countries and municipalities. The pilot projects in the partner countries were created according to the needs and recommendations of representatives of local administrations, schools (including students and parents), and local farmers. The pilots description include all five partners regions including the abstract, problem points, pilot implementation and methods, achieved results and the future directions. Pilot description can be used as a short version of the Framework providing a real-life examples and step-by-step instructions with various examples how the process can work. “Farm-to school Framework” pilots description available in the website, also in the official project website.