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The 1st Period Summary

23 April 2024
Technical details

The objective of the 1st Period was to kick of the project and start the implementation of project activities.

  • On the 17-18th of October 2023, a kick-off meeting was organized in Vilnius, Lithuania by the PP5.

The meeting’s primary focus was to enhance understanding among partners and familiarize them with each other’s experiences and scope of services. To achieve this, each project partner organization had a representative introduce their respective institutions, highlighting key areas of expertise and experiences relevant to the project. Representatives from the JS/MA of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region program, addressed project management issues such as reporting, financing, and introduced project partners to the BAMOS+ system and its working principles.

The meeting  also involved discussions on project management topics, responsibilities, and duties related to project activities, finances, communication, and dissemination activities. PPs discussed the work plan for the upcoming project implementation periods. PPs were also introduced to the Lithuanian DeepTech ecosystem and some of the institutions working in this field.

The event focused on discussing initial good practices collected by the PPs as well, and visiting Lithuanian institutions in the deep tech and entrepreneurship fields with discussions on good practices.

  • There were a project poster and stakeholder communication plan created. An Interregional Steering Committee (ISC), consisting of representatives from all partners, was also established to coordinate the consortium and make decisions regarding the project.
  • Project stakeholders have been identified and an RSG has been formed. The partners have also begun preparing an initial list of tools available in the regions. A core activity for the project was to build the right stakeholder group for each country through the cooperative networks of the partners and their affiliated organizations. The interaction with external organizations that support the project culminates in a stakeholder group that each partner has built to give the best possible insight into the tools that exist and function in the partner regions.
  • Two RSG meetings were held:

1) 10.2023 the 1st online RGG meeting, when the PPs discussed needs and began to identify regional (as well as national) resources in the area of entrepreneurial support for STEM students and young scientists.

2) 01.2024 The purpose of the second meeting was to propose tools to be examined in the survey.

  • The mutual works on the 1st Survey have begun.