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Reflecting on Nordic Game 2024 in Malmö

24 May 2024
Impressions of the Nordic Game 24 and BSG-Go Workshops
Technical details

At Nordic Game 2024 in Malmö, BSG-Go! delivered a series of workshops designed to enlighten and inspire attendees, offering invaluable insights into the future of game development. We were thrilled to share our project progress and have had inspiring input and discussions with all the experts. The dynamic sessions provided invaluable insights and fostered meaningful connections among game development enthusiasts. We look forward to continuing this journey and driving innovation in the gaming industry.



Highlights from 22 & 23 May, 2024:

🕒 Shift in Skills: How AI Tools are Revolutionizing Game Development

This session delved into the transformative impact of AI on game development. Attendees explored the latest AI tools and techniques that are reshaping game creation, providing developers with new ways to enhance gameplay, streamline production processes, and push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. The discussions were vibrant and informative, highlighting cutting-edge advancements in AI technology.

🌱 Empowering Sustainable Gaming: How Mentors and Leaders Can Guide Studios to Eco-Friendly Success – 15:00-15:45 CET

This workshop offered strategies for integrating sustainability into game development. Industry leaders and mentors shared their experiences and methods for driving eco-friendly practices within studios. The session was filled with actionable insights, guiding participants on how to make their development processes more environmentally conscious. The collaborative atmosphere fostered a sense of urgency and possibility for a greener future in gaming.

🚺 Ctrl+Alt+Equal: Crafting a New Narrative for Gender in Gaming

In this crucial discussion on gender representation in gaming, participants addressed current challenges and opportunities for creating more inclusive narratives and diverse characters. Practical advice was given on fostering gender equality in projects and within development teams. The dialogue was both eye-opening and empowering, providing tools and inspiration to drive change in the industry.

🌍 The League: Strengthening Regional and Local Game Support Across Europe

This session highlighted the importance of regional and local support systems for game developers across Europe. Successful initiatives were showcased, providing guidance on building robust support networks that can nurture talent and drive industry growth at the grassroots level. The exchange of ideas and best practices was invaluable, reinforcing the importance of community and collaboration in the gaming industry.

🛠️ MENTAT: Mission Evaluation and Negotiation Training Assessment Tool

The workshop provided an in-depth look at MENTAT, a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance mission evaluation and negotiation training. Demonstrations showed how MENTAT can be applied within game development to create more engaging and realistic training scenarios. The session was met with great enthusiasm, showcasing the potential of MENTAT to revolutionize training methods in the industry.

👥 Are You Cut Out for Being a Good Mentor or Team Leader?

Participants assessed their potential as mentors or team leaders in this interactive session. Key qualities and skills needed to effectively guide and inspire teams were discussed. The intensive workshop that followed provided a deeper dive into mentorship techniques, offering hands-on activities to develop leadership capabilities. The experience was both challenging and rewarding, equipping attendees with practical tools for personal and professional growth.

Next to our own project based sessions, we were delighted to have had the opportunity to attend various side events and networking gatherings, enabling informal exchanges and fruitful new discussions. For instance, we were pleased to gain an insider’s view of our partners’ Game Hub from Game Habitat during their Studio Tour & Mingle event, which has offered an exclusive, behind-the-scene glimpse into the Malmö games industry and a unique opportunity to mingle with the Southern Sweden game development community. This exemplary model for other gaming hubs greatly clarified our vision for the project and especially to our pilot for “The League.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us!