BSG-Go! Scaling-up Baltic Sea Game support for a resilient game industry

BSG Go! The Artic Game Experience

08 February 2024
The second secluded workshop of the BSG Go! team took place in Norrland in the village of Jörn, near Skellefteå, hosted by Arctic Game Lab.
Technical details

BSG Go! in the Arctic Game Experience

For a productive work environment, the BSG Go! partners retreated to one of the Arctic Game Cluster’s secluded havens, the village of Jörn, amongst others, home to the game incubator and co-living space Mind Detonator. The Arctic Game cluster, working from the cities Skellefteå (“She-left-you, “Who left you” or “He-left-you”), Boden, Umeå and Luleå, were the most wonderful hosts. Two days of intensive and highly productive work sessions have again proven to be an efficient way of collaborating and co-creatively shaping plans and making decisions. The “quality time” of living and working together in one isolated location provides a solid basis for the next months of remote teamwork. We leave Norrland with a heavy heart, determined to return. In this short time, not only have we cemented the partnership as a team but also met with fascinating game studios, impressive investors, and inspiring industry experts. Invitations were extended and reciprocated across the whole BSR. But we also return home proudly equipped with a full layout for our pilot activities in 2024. Brace yourselves for an eventful year full of exciting BSG Go! pilot activities.