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Bringing gastronomy to school food

14 July 2023
Piloting master class on innovative school meal dishes
Technical details

Some of the barriers in Latvia for tasty and nutritious school meals that are appealing to kids to eat, are the low budget for a meal, the lack of training for school cooks on variation of low cost local ingredients and the knowledge on how to cook them right.
The Jerusalem artichoke is one of these alternative ingredients that is very common in private gardens, not being eaten but wasted, as it’s uncommon in Latvian cooking. The challenge is to find ways of utilizing these items available.

In order to inspire a change, project partner Kurzeme Planning Region, hosted on May 10th this year a workshop in collaboration with chef Žanis Raivo Behmanis at the restaurant “Meisons” in Ventspils (LV) to demonstrate 3 cost-efficient options for new school meal recipes on a gastronomy level. This workshop was for the school kitchen staff, municipalities, local procurer offices, BSR Food Coalition partners and more, as a kick-off for the Farm to School piloting that is currently ongoing until next year.

This is only one example of how some neglected local ingredients can be turned into gastronomic school food experiences.