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BSC participated at the “Green shipping corridor initiatives in a Nordic perspective” seminar

12 April 2024
Seminar on the Nordic roadmap for the introduction of sustainable zero-carbon fuels
Technical details

The seminar was linked to the Nordic roadmap for marine fuels project supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and took place in Gothenborg, Sweden.

The Nordic vision supported by the Nordic Transport Ministries is „to become the most sustainable and integrated shipping region in the world and a global force for accelerating the green transition of the transport sector.“

Globally 59 Green Shipping Corridors have been announced so far, but implementation actions are widely missing as of today. Anyhow, they will play a big role to scale up new fuels deployment and reach International Maritime Organization’s 2050 aims for decarbonising shipping.

The Nordic roadmap for the introduction of sustainable zero-carbon fuels will move the Nordics towards zero-emission shipping. Insights from several Nordic roadmap pilot studies and green shipping corridor initiatives in the Nordic region have been shared during the first panel on the Project and its pilot studies:

  • Overview of Nordic pilot studies and how to participate, incl. the Nordic collaborationplatform, by Eirill Bachmann Mehammer, DNV
  • Methanol versus biofuels and electricity pilot study by Per Wimby, Stena Line & Karl Jivén, IVL
  • Ammonia pilot study, by Kristina Kern-Nielsen, Litehauz

The first set of presentations was enriched by a reflection on the development of green shipping corridor initiatives, given by Björn Garberg (National Coordinator for Domestic and Short Sea Shipping, Trafikverket). His reflections lead the audience thematically to the next panel “Green shipping corridor initiatives”. Presentations have been covering:

  • Green shipping corridor Umeå-Vaasa, by Catarina Fant, Wasaline
  • Green shipping corridor initiatives from a Finnish perspective: Turku-Stockholm, by Filip Franck and Magnus Gustafsson, PBI Research Institute
  • Green shipping corridor initiatives by Maersk Mc-Kinney Möller center, by Michael Heimann, Maersk Mc-Kinney Möller center
  • Experiences from a national green shipping corridor in operation: MF Hydra, by Erlend Hovland, Norled

The exchange brought a lot of value to our Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme project Blue Supply Chains. Thank you to IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, DNV and Lighthouse – Swedish Maritime RD&I collaboration platform having made this seminar and fruitful exchange possible!

More information about the Nordic roadmap project: