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Blue Green Bio Lab Case Story - Lysekil, Sweden

20 February 2024
The next case story video is now ready. See what has been happening in Lysekil Municipality during the Blue Green Bio Lab project!
Technical details
The Blue Green Bio Lab project is excited to share the second case story video from the project!

We want to spread the word about our activities and learning in the Blue Green Bio Lab Project. To that end the partners in Denmark, Sweden and Latvia are developing short case story videos to provide better insights into our work.

This case story comes from Lysekil Municipality on Sweden’s west coast, where  partners Lysekil Municipality, LEVA in Lysekil and associated partners Chalmers Industriteknik and Innovatum Science Park have started up discussions with a range of stakeholders about the possibilities for a circular and sustainable bio-industrial symbiosis park near the Preem oil refinery.

You can see the case story from Lysekil, Sweden via this link: A blue green future (

To learn more about the Blue Green Bio Lab project and contribute your ideas and experiences to working with bio-industrial symbiosis, please join us on March 5th for our online final conference. You can register here:

Final Conference for the Blue-Green Bio Lab project – Online (