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NANDO Hackathon: Innovating Towards Sustainable Agriculture

06 March 2024
Overfertilization poses a significant threat to both environmental and agricultural sustainability, particularly in European agriculture. The indiscriminate use of fertilizers, particularly nitrogen and phosphates, has led to a range of interconnected problems, including water pollution, soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, and even human health risks. Addressing these challenges requires innovative solutions that go beyond conventional practices.
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NANDO is a company at the forefront of addressing the multifaceted issues of overfertilization. With a focus on developing and marketing biostimulants, surfactants, and chemical products for crop and livestock production NANDO recognizes the urgent need for sustainable agricultural practices.

To catalyze innovation in this domain NANDO is organizing a hackathon on 24-25th April in Vilnius, Lithuania and are inviting bright minds to collaborate on finding solutions to these challenges.

“At NANDO, we recognize the pressing challenges posed by overfertilization, from water pollution and soil degradation to the loss of biodiversity and human health risks. Our hackathon challenge is designed to ignite a wave of innovation, inviting bright minds to collaborate on sustainable agricultural practices and eco-friendly alternatives. This event represents our commitment to merging scientific advancements in biotechnology, chemistry, and engineering to forge solutions that safeguard our environmental and agricultural sustainability,” – says NANDO Head of Innovation Jonas Ignatavičius.

Ignatavičius is confident that this hackathon is more than just an event – it’s a call to action for innovators and thinkers passionate about making a difference in the agricultural sector. The main challenge we’re addressing – the pervasive issue of overfertilization – threatens the very fabric of our ecosystems and communities. NANDO is a company with a high focus on placing new technologies in the market in the shortest possible time, also we are heavily orientated to a global presence. The most prominent ideas will have the potential to be launched on a global scale, and NANDO will work together with the winners of this hackathon in different collaboration options to make it happen.

Participants in the NANDO Hackathon stand to gain more than just recognition. They have the opportunity to establish collaborations and networks with other companies and specialists in the field, as well as to receive feedback from potential clients and experts. Moreover, finalists can explore the commercialization potential of their ideas and discover new business opportunities with expert mentor support.

The hackathon seeks innovative solutions across various domains, including smart agricultural platforms, biostimulant integration, precision fertilization technologies, educational and outreach programs, eco-friendly fertilizer alternatives, and other innovative approaches to tackle overfertilization.

Join the NANDO Hackathon and be part of the solution. Together, we can drive positive change and create a more sustainable future for agriculture and the environment. You can find more information about the Nando Hackathon here.


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