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Help Aloja Starkelsen develop an easy to use equipment and spare parts warehouse maintenance system

17 October 2023
The registration is now open to develop the best solution and innovations in improving the operation of the CMMS system for the Aloja Starkelsen hackathon challenge.
Technical details

On October 12, the Aloja Starkelsen hackathon challenge launch webinar took place, during which the company manager Jānis Garančs presented the current operation of the CMMS system, its applications and the challenge, as a result of which it is necessary to obtain a working, easy to use system that would allow saving natural, material and human resources, thus making Aloja Starkelsen products more competitive and greener.

Current world trends and research prove that investment in innovation, which allows predicting potential equipment maintenance and daily maintenance work, is one of the aspects that contribute to the growth of companies.

We invite you to participate in Aloja Starkelsen hackathon to solve the challenge and develop an efficient and innovative equipment servicing and spare parts warehouse maintenance system!

Submit your team by November 9

“The company has taken a step in the direction of change and we are increasing our range of products, and also the volume of production, which is the core of this challenge. Considering that Aloja Starkelsen is not a large, global company, there is currently no opportunity to afford internationally developed and expensive IT solutions, but at the same time, we are not a small local company that can work with the current system. With the help of the challenge, we want to find a way to have a predictable and preventive maintenance system for spare parts, tools and production equipment that would work according to our company’s guidelines, cooperate with other structural units – accounting, production linesand warehouse system, as well as be able to predict the necessary line maintenance and repair needs,” reveals J. Garančs.

Aloja Starkelsen also wants to include the company’s buildings and infrastructure objects in the new system, link equipment with external service providers and spare parts suppliers, ensure fast response time and solutions for specific service tasks, as well as collect statistics and visualizations of various processes.

Solutions that Aloja Starkelsen wants to get as a result of the hackathon:

  • Scheduled equipment maintenance system;Statistics on equipment downtime and reasons;
  • Optimum maintenance of balance of spare parts with automatic ordering tasks;
  • Categorizing tasks by priority and group;
  • Scope of work with the required number of people, expected time consumption, tools to be used;
  • Tasks and distribution of employees according to the competencies required to perform the work;
  • Defined system user roles and access levels.

Registration for the hackathon is open until November 9. Apply here!

Timeline of the hackathon:

  • NOVEMBER 9: Deadline for submission of team applications
  • NOVEMBER 10 – 15: Team selection
  • NOVEMBER 16: Kick-off event where the representatives of the participating teams and the challenge provider representatives, Aloja Starkelsen, will meet. During the event, the selected teams will receive more detailed information about the challenge and will be able to start preparations.
  • NOVEMBER 30 – DECEMBER 1: Hackathon days (2-day event). At the end of the day, the winning team(s) will be selected.

What is Aloja Starkelsen?
Aloja Starkelsen Ltd. is engaged in the production of food raw materials, with an emphasis on legume protein, starch and potato starch raw materials of various specifications, as well as the development of food (forage) solutions based on ingredients obtained through sustainable agricultural practices and gentle processing, reducing the impact on the environment and maximally preserving the natural properties of the raw material in the final product.

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Hackathon participants
All interested teams are invited to participate in the hackathon: technology companies, IT product managers and planners, logistics, warehouse and production equipment service and planning specialists, student teams and researchers.

Why participate in the Aloja Starkelsen hackathon?
The winning team of the hackathon will get the right to sign a system supply contract with Aloja Starkelsen Ltd.. In addition, it will be possible to:

  • create cooperation and contacts with other companies and specialists who are interested in this field;
  • establish international contacts and connections in your field of interest;
  • test your idea with direct feedback from a potential client and learn how to adapt your solution idea to the needs of end users;
  • develop the commercialization potential of your idea and discover new business opportunities with the support of expert mentors;
  • gain international recognition and recognition.

More information about participating in the hackathon and clarifying questions about the challenge:
Inguna Kucina,, contact phone: +371 26598678

Hackathon is organized in cooperation with:
The “BioBoosters” project was launched in January 2023, it is implemented by partners from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The project will last three years and its total budget is 2.8 million euros. The project is co-financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program.

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