BioBoosters - Boosting the circular transition

BioBoosters gathered for a mid-term review and celebration!

10 June 2024
On June 3-5, BioBoosters partners and stakeholders gathered to celebrate and analyze the results of the first nine BioBoosters Hackathons boosting circular transition of the bioeconomy sectors in the Baltic Sea Region. As we wrapped-up the lessons learned, we turned our attention to the coming second round of the Hackathons to establish joint priorities, aims, and working methods for long-term collaboration.
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On one word: Impressive!

Our first nine BioBoosters Hackathons have demonstrated beyond our ambitious targets the impact we can make with the international open innovation process for boosting circular bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. With 123 applicants, 64 selected teams, 11 winners & launched co-operations and a LinkedIn community of over 1000 followers we matched or exceeded our aims in terms of Key Performance Indicators set for pilot round 1.

The value added from the cross-sectoral and international network of networks has boosted the Hackathon impact with as we can connect more innovative solutions and expertise for tackling the challenges. The international community build with the Hackathons and the impact to the challenge provider companies on their journey to sustainability has gotten off to an impressive start.

Apart from the impressive numbers, our feedback surveys for target groups indicate that we can match the value propositions. Maybe the most vital data for us is that our target group loyalty is high.  Our net promoter score (NPS) is a whopping 57. A high NPS is a standardized indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction that can indicate a growth cycle fueled by word of mouth and praises from the happy clients. Participants also report a high likelihood for taking part in another BioBoosters Hackathon in near future (96 % challenge providers and mentors; 90% teams). Moreover, all organizers see a continuation for their Hackathon service provision after the project.

Why do our alumni want to return for the ride in another BioBoosters Hackathon? Apart from being a fun, intensive learning experience, it is also impactful. 96 per cent of challenge providers report that they got a promising solution for solving their challenge. From teams, 95 per cent of the respondents agree that BioBoosters Hackathon is a good tool for entering into a dialogue with large companies and they have gained knowhow from mentoring. We have also asked the organisers and mentors about their views on the impact of the BioBoosters Hackathon as an open innovation platform. Here is what they think:

  • 91 % agree that BioBoosters Hackathon supports green transition in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • 89 % agree that BioBoosters Hackathon supports growth in bioeconomy sectors in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • 84% agree that BioBoosters Hackathon supports exchange and transfer of best-practices across the Baltic Sea Region.

Lessons from the hackathon alumni and organizers applied in the second round

Our project team onsite was joined on June 4, 2024, with beneficiary companies, mentors, and teams as well as our project steering group as we organized a hybrid event – ‘Stories of the BioBoosted’ webinar. At the webinar, lessons learned from a journey to tackle nine circular transition challenges of leading bioeconomy companies were shared and discussed. Our Hackathon participants shared the benefits, memorable moments, and takeaway lessons to organizers. Afterwards, the Project Steering Group was given the floor to provide their input into the analysis of the results and setting the priorities for the way forward.

After our BioBoosters team had received the feedback and comments from the Hackathon target groups and stakeholders, it was time to roll the sleaves and start working on the update to the organizers’ planner – the complete workflow of the Hackathon organization complemented with good practice and risk management tips, checklists, as well as attached templates and guides. Organizers planner offers the detailed process plan for each hackathon to be piloted in the second pilot round. It has been integrated with the communication tasks and network co-operation activities. Now practical lessons and suggestions from the hackathon alumni and organizers have been added to the workflow of the coming Hackathons.


Now it is the time to confirm Durability.

To close the workshops of June 5, 2024, the BioBoosters partners collaborated to set the aims and priorities for the second pilot round and long-term co-operation. Our long-term vision for the BioBoosters network builds on three mutually supportive value propositions. Firstly, our network is offering up to 10 Open Calls Annually. The calls feature sustainable and circular bioeconomy challenges with business opportunities available for winning teams. We see potential for diverse resourcing and calls coming from the partnership via several new projects and service sales.

Secondly, our network connects a growing community of circular bioeconomy specialists from business and research. As alumni of past Hackathons or as network connections of the partners, they are engaged followers of our Calls and their results. Among the circular bioeconomy developers from business and research, BioBoosters is a recognized brand with anticipated open innovation calls & events.

Thirdly, with our proven open innovation method, the organizer of an open innovation process can benefit from the organizers’ toolbox to remedy the pains of marketing, active scouting, and process management. Our partners gain a high value brand for open innovation that makes an impactful value proposition for (international) development projects and private financing opportunities, thus securing our continuous volume of open innovation calls.

In 2024-2025, we are piloting the network co-operation with an operational and co-working model that simulates the life after the project. We work to demonstrate that there is a continuing demand for the BioBoosters Hackathons as a springboard for a circular bioeconomy innovation co-operation in the BSR. We also work to prove that co-organizing as a network is more cost-effective, and more impactful.

This is our mission for the next nine Hackathons in Autumn 2024 and Spring 2025.