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The Danes taking lead in biogas

09 January 2024
A bitterly cold and sparklingly snowy landscape welcomed us on our study trip to several biogas plants in Denmark with biogas stakeholders from Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Denmark has positioned itself 10 years ahead of the other Baltic countries when it comes to developing energy islands where biogas production is the motor of green energy production.
Technical details

Two intense days on Northern Jutland in Denmark presented a smorgasbord of several interesting solutions in biogas production and fruitful cooperations amongst the biogas producers. Hanna Rammsy from Nouryon Inc in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, participated in the study trip.

– When you come from a company that just recently started up its biogas production it is extremely valuable and interesting to see how other producers make use of and further refine their feed stock and really invests for the future to create an added value for the biogas that is produced. Despite significant differences to my company’s biogas process I feel that it has been really rewarding to be able to see the unique solutions that these Danish operators choose to invest in, says Hanna Rammsy, Nouryon.

Biogas in energy islands
In Jutland the biogas producers combine the production with other techniques, in so called energy islands. At present they are now developing systems to liquify carbon dioxide, production of biochar by pyrolysis, carbon capture and storage (Bio-CSS) under the sea, extraction of protein from grass, Hydrogen injection to enhance biogas yields. There is also an ongoing development to identify the value of emission rights and certificates that can be used as new business models, which drives the development.

Group picture at the study visit in Denmark

Group picture at the study visit in Denmark

On the local governance level Hjørring municipality works hard on keeping a good interaction with the community and the people living close to the biogas production sites to build trust and acceptance for the local development that creates a lot of job opportunities. The biogas production provides a way to make good use of local resources while creating a better resilience for international energy crises.

We see Hjørring municipality as a role model of how locally produced energy creates more job opportunities and boosts the local businesses. This is definitely something we can try to create in Sweden too, says Tommy Lindström, project manager at Energikontor Syd in Sweden, and project coordinator for the BEST ACE project.