Climate Smart Baltic Beaches and Tourism

BEACH-SOS meets Køge Bay: Climate-Smart Beaches for Sustainable Coastal Tourism

17 May 2024
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The BEACH-SOS project recently convened a successful stakeholder meeting in Køge Bay, Denmark, focused on crafting climate-smart solutions for the region’s future. Representatives from government, environmental organizations, businesses, academia, and local communities participated in the insightful discussions.

The workshop highlighted the challenges facing Køge Bay, including rising sea levels, environmental changes, and a growing tourism industry. However, a spirit of collaboration emerged, with a shared vision for a future where Køge Bay thrives as a vibrant tourist destination in harmony with its natural environment.

Through presentations, interactive exercises, and creative brainstorming, participants identified potential threats from climate change and charted a course for a sustainable future. Open dialogue and a shared vision emphasized the collective responsibility for the Bay’s well-being, with a focus on striking a harmonious balance between economic development and environmental protection.

The envisioned Køge Bay of 2050 welcomes visitors while fiercely safeguarding its natural wonders. Realizing this vision hinges on innovative solutions, continued collaboration among stakeholders, and an unwavering commitment to long-term sustainability.

In future workshops BEACH-SOS is committed to leveraging valuable climate change indicators. This data presents an exciting opportunity to develop plans for significantly improving beach management and coastal tourism practices in Køge Bay. Through continued collaboration with stakeholders, BEACH-SOS will work towards ensuring Køge Bay remains a remarkable region – a thriving ecosystem that continues to inspire and benefit all for years to come.

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