Baltic Sea region Active mobiliTy Solutions - in darkness and all weather conditions

Welcome to the BATS project!

19 February 2024
Active Mobility, which includes cycling and walking, is central to promoting the transition to a more sustainable mobility system and healthier cities. However, the proportion of pedestrians and cyclists decreases sharply during darker and colder months.
Technical details

However, the proportion of pedestrians and cyclists decreases sharply during darker and colder months. For cycling and walking to remain as a year-round option, suitable and quality infrastructure is required alongside optimal traffic systems, and effective removal of snow, ice, leaves, and other debris from roads and paths.

This is where BATS comes in!

The project, co-funded by Interreg BSR, aims to mainstream a year-round culture of active mobility among urban planning stakeholders including; municipalities, transport operators, infrastructure developers, and more.

By tradition, mobility and road planning is still largely designed for cars, and planning for cyclists and pedestrians is usually geared towards daylight and warmer weather conditions. BATS seeks to empower stakeholders with insights into the opportunities that a year-round focus brings and equips them with the right tools to execute change, transitioning to a more healthy and sustainable mobility system.

A collaborate project with transnational ambitions for local impact

Cities and municipalities across the Baltic Sea Region face similar challenges related to weather and light conditions but have different experiences in how to manage the situation.

In BATS, eight public authority representatives, three universities and a cycling association are collaborating to design and implement policies, infrastructures, and campaigns that effectively promote walking and cycling in adverse light and weather conditions.

By combining their different geographical, weather, cultural, mobility and urban planning expertise, the BATS partnership aims to create a comprehensive approach to year-round active mobility with impact on the ground and with transferable knowledge for the region.

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