Baltic Museum Resilience: Resilient museums and memory institutions for resilient societies in the Baltic Sea Region

Stakeholders meeting in Finland

27 November 2023
On 21 April 2023, a virtual workshop was hosted by Forum Marinum Foundation.
Technical details


In the workshop, the results of the questionnaire held in five Baltic Sea countries was presented and then discussed among the participants. Also a presentation was given on the theme of digital resilience, and the role of museums during times of crisis. Consequently, we had a discussion on the latter themes as they apply to Finnish museums, and especially the museums represented by the participants of the workshop.

The participants of the workshop included representatives of different stakeholders and target groups including the following:

  • The Maritime Museum of Finland
  • The Finnish Military Museum
  • The Finnish Aviation Museum
  • Museo Militaria
  • The Turku Museum Centre
  • The Rauma Maritime Museum

As a result of the workshop, we gained more information on what kind of an effect the COVID crisis had for different Finnish museums, what particular issues were seen as the most important for them, and what kind of solutions had been found.

The most useful part of the workshop was the discussion about the need for cooperation between museums, and the role of the public authorities in preparing for crisis situations. Gaining different views about digital resilience and the role of virtual exhibitions was also a fruitful result.

The information gained in the workshop was then important for providing our contribution for the analysis report for the first part of the project. The results of the workshop were also used in preparation of our pilot, and developed further in the following workshops.