Baltic Museum Resilience: Resilient museums and memory institutions for resilient societies in the Baltic Sea Region

Partners meeting in Turku, Finland

06 March 2024
On 28-29 February, the third partners meeting was organised by Forum Marinum Foundation. The meeting took place in Turku, Finland.
Technical details


During the two-days meeting we had the opportunity to discuss and analyse the progress of the project activities, including the pilot activities implemented by the three participating museums.

These pilots will test three strands of the toolbox with solutions for resilient museums:

  1. participation, inclusion and interaction (participatory governance)
  2. organic connections and digital sustainability
  3. financial/economic sustainability

The pilots are currently being implemented by the 3 partner museums in the project.

  • Estonian War Museum pilot is focusing on adjusting the museum’s governance and business model as to involve more stakeholders, final beneficiaries and visitors to the museum to meet their needs and interests and contribute to the museum’s resilience.
  • The Forum Marinum pilot consists of the digitization of a coastal artillery fortress and historical items related to it, in cooperation with project partners, private enterprises, local NGOs and volunteers. This work is oriented towards developing a model for participatory creation of digitized museum content using sustainable systems and platforms. The pilot aims to improve museum resilience through a wide inclusion of stakeholders, using established digital platforms, and increasing access to reliable historical information for different clients and audiences.
  • The pilot in the Museum of Västervik aims to improve and increase museum resilience through a wide inclusion of stakeholders, using financial/economic experiences, solutions, and innovations from the pandemic and from previous projects.

We are glad that we were able to look together at the effectiveness of our activities, share ideas and take further steps together to develop tools for strengthening cultural institutions in the Baltic Sea Region.