Baltic Museum Resilience: Resilient museums and memory institutions for resilient societies in the Baltic Sea Region

Consultations with stakeholders in Poland

28 November 2023
Between June and August, the Balteus Foundation conducted a series of interviews with key stakeholders.
Technical details


The purpose of the interviews was to discuss the results of the questionnaires spread between different cultural and memory institutions in Poland. The discussions focused on the joint approach with a emphasize on three strands: (1) participation, inclusion and interaction (participatory governance); (2) organic connections and digital sustainability and (3) financial/economic sustainability.

The following institutions took part in the interviews:

  1. National Museum in Szczecin – represented by Anna Suchocka
  2. The Cultural Centre in Gdynia – represented by Beata Nawrocka
  3. The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk – represented by Monika Kostka
  4. Policy Area Coordinator EUSBSR PA Culture, Adam Mickiewicz Institute – represented by Magdalena Kleszczewska

The interviews conducted were a follow-up to the workshop held on 15 May 2023.