Baltic Museum Resilience: Resilient museums and memory institutions for resilient societies in the Baltic Sea Region

Consultations with stakeholders in Lithuania

28 November 2023
The small-circle discussion against the backdrop of the rooftops of Vilnius was held in two rounds - on 21 and 28 September 2023.
Technical details


A total of four stakeholders representing different target groups, whose views are crucial for the development of a tool to help overcome crises participated in the discussion.

During the discussion museums expressed that visitors appreciate and value the services provided by museums, both live and remotely, and the new initiatives developed during the crisis, which encourages museums to further develop their services and to increase their resilience to new crises. The observations, insights and concrete steps identified by the representatives of the Dawn Museum, Vilnius Gaon Museum and the Palace of the Grand Dukes will be taken into account when developing the first version of the toolbox to improve museums’’ resilience.

At the next partners’ meeting in late autumn in Sweden, the partners will discuss the lessons learned from the consultation with other Lithuanian stakeholders in order to manage visitor flows, staff management, financial mechanisms and operational insights into the crises (COVID, the war in Ukraine etc.)