Baltic Museum Resilience: Resilient museums and memory institutions for resilient societies in the Baltic Sea Region

Consultations with stakeholders in Estonia

28 November 2023
During June-September, stakeholder interviews were held in Estonia with the aim of obtaining input for the joint actions and model for resilient museums.
Technical details


The Estonian War Museum formed a working group and conducted individual interviews between June and September 2023 with key stakeholders, including the following:

  • Museums: Hiiumaa military museum, Saaremaa Military Equipment Museum, Railway and Communications Museum in Haapsalu,  Estonian Aviation Museum, Vaivara Museum, Estonian History Museum, Estonian Maritime Museum
  • Civil society organisations active in the field of heritage protection and preservation: Estonian Heritage Society, Hiiumaa Heritage Society, Estonian Institute of Historical Memory
  • Entrepreneurs (especially in the context of ICT): Archaeovision LLC, Codeline Studio LLC, TL Development LLC
  • State institutions: Ministry of Culture

With each of the organisations, a loosely structured interview was held – i.e. as the organisations differ in terms of expertise, know-how and focus a uniform interview approach was not used. With the museums Estonian War Museum focused on the museological aspect, with CSOs on involvement, inclusion and related aspects, with entrepreneurs on the technical aspects and with state institutions to national policies. The results of the interviews were incorporated into the pilot description.