Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030 - Making leisure boating in the Baltic Sea fit for the post-pandemic boating tourism market
BaltSusBoating 2030

BSB2030 meets the EU Commission to discuss boating in the Baltic Sea Region

13 May 2024
Technical details

Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030 project represented by the Council of the Baltic Sea States,
University of Tartu and the South Coast Baltic initiative met with the European Commission
representatives from DG Mare and DG Grow Units on March 7, 2024 in Brussels to discuss
the ongoing work and identify potential synergies and future cooperation pathways on
recreational craft. The meeting was organized in the framework of policy dialogue activities
coordinated by the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

During the meeting, DG Mare Unit A.2 responsible for Blue Economy Sectors, Aquaculture
and Maritime Spatial Planning introduced the European Commission’s initiatives in coastal
tourism whereby an important attention is being given to work on recognition of
professional skipper licenses. Another important area addressed during the meeting was the
DG Mare Unit A.1 ongoing work on end-of-life recreational boats. DG Mare Unit A.1 in
coordination with the European Boating Industry (EBI) launched a Roadmap on the
implementation of the circular economy for end-of-life recreational boats which is of
interest to the Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030 project, especially in the context of the
ongoing work on the Sustainability Roadmap development. Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030
representatives stressed the importance of harbour operators for the development of
sustainable leisure boating in the Baltic Sea Region. Guest harbours and marinas provide
testing grounds for dismantling, recycling & “boat return” schemes. Further, they can serve
as intermediaries for encouraging refit & life-time extension of the boats. The meeting also
featured an updates from DG Grow on the state of Recreational Craft Directive (Directive
2013/53/EU) which ensures technical harmonization and sets a guiding framework for
design and construction of recreational boats.

The Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030 project introduced its ongoing work on the
development of joint marketing approach, sustainability roadmap and invited the European
Commission representatives to join the dialogue events with guest harbours in the Baltic
Sea Region which are envisioned in the further implementation of Baltic Sustainable Boating
2030 activities.