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Make a wish!

15 December 2023
Aarhus University Library offers a Christmas season activity for students – Make a wish.
Technical details


The idea is to combine the Christmas season with input from students and to ask for their wishes.

In this activity, students using the Libraries at Business and Social Sciences (BSS) are invited to give all kind of input where their wishes are in focus. Faculty staff can also participate if they wish.

By asking for wishes students are encouraged to think of anything they would like to have at the library. There is no limit for a wish, the ideas are expected to be creative and think in new ways and give input about the library space and services.

The set-up is a box in gift wrapping paper with a nice bow and a sign with the text: MAKE A WISH.

All input can be anonym, no one can see the answers of others as they are stored inside the present. In a previous interview with students the library learned that students prefer to be anonym when giving feedback to the library, that is why the activity arranged this way.

There are Christmas feed-back-presents in all three Business and Social Sciences Libraries in Aarhus and Herning during December. Input is expected mostly from students at BSS, but as students from other faculties also use the library, input might also come from other areas.

The location of the box at Bartholins Alle is nearby the coffee machine, a place, where it is possible to stand without getting a lot of attention from other persons. By placing the box there, it will be noticed.

In Herning the box is located in the middle of the library and offers Christmas cookies (Pebernødder) to lure students to participate.

In addition some advertising was made through the Library’s Instagram account.


Martin Hauge Zeuner & Solveig Johnsen
Aarhus University Library, Royal Danish Library