Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions
Lakes connect

After the kick off meeting

30 January 2023
CNBCh UW – as a leader of the project Lakes connect – that is implemented by the Research Group – Analytical Expert Center – headed by prof. Ewa Bulska organized a kick of meeting in Warsaw Poland at the CNBCh UW Headquarters.
Technical details

It was attended by all partners and representatives of the institutions involved in the project – Ministry of Climate and Enviroment, State Water Holding – Polish Waters, Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy.

The main purpose of the meeting was to get to know personally, exchange of views and consider issues concerning next steps to be realized in the project.

Participants of the meeting discussed a full overview of the project (i.e. assumptions, objectives, deliverables, outputs and expected results) and all other important matters related to the project. CNBCh UW’s employees – as a leader of the project – introduced the matters related to the project management and communication rules. A representative of each country has presented the water monitoring system in partner countries.

The pilot study for the microplastic pollution of lakes linked to touristic activity was an important matter discussed by all participants. Moreover, additional education activity to be organized at schools concerning microplastic pollution and the idea of the project were considered and planned. During the second day of the meeting the partnership agreement by participants was signed.

The meeting allowed for the detailed planning of a pilot study and planning the searching for green concepts in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania concerning the innovative solutions for the protection of the lakes from pollution.