Improving quality of BSR waters by advanced treatment processes

After the AdvIQwater kick-off meeting

13 February 2023
On 8th of February, a kick-off meeting of Interreg’s small project “Improving quality of BSR waters by advanced treatment processes” -AdvIQwater was held online. The working session was organized by Lead Partner: Gdańsk University of Technology from Poland and Project Partners: University of Tartu from Estonia, Aarhus University from Denmark, and Polish Ecological Club Pomeranian Branch from Poland.
Technical details

Moreover, it was attended by representatives of Associated Organisations and other institutions to be involved in the project.

This meeting started with the opening session by Anna Zielińska-Jurek – project manager. Afterward, Agnieszka Fiszka Borzyszkowska – the communication manager, presented specific aims addressed by the project, and project work plan, highlighting the output and time plan for advanced solution implementation.

Partners presented the wastewater treatment processes proposed within the AdvIQwater project and their experience in it. Presentations of Partners specific activities followed were delivered by:

–         Anna Zielińska-Jurek from Gdańsk University of Technology (presentation on the application of photocatalysis for degradation of pharmaceuticals),

–         Ivar Zekker from University of Tartu (presentation on anaerobic ammonium oxidation process in MBBR and fungal heavy metal treatment),

–         Kai Bester from Aarhus University (presentation on the introduction to the effects of biofilms on GAC for micropollutants removals),

–         Polish Ecological Club Pomeranian Branch (presentation on the examples for projects implementation on the local, regional and international levels).

The third point of the meeting was the discussion of participants on pro-active solutions for the sustainable use of advanced treatment technologies. Taking into account the needs of associated organizations and target groups in terms of possible ways to develop solutions implementation and achieve expected results, participants discussed the selection of pharmaceuticals, action plan for combining methods, and spreading the cooperation network.

Professor Jan Hupka from Gdańsk University of Technology emphasized the importance of the prevention of micropollutant emissions and mainly focused on decentralized solutions. For the growth of the cooperation network, he suggested engaging this project in Cross-border Green Technologies Cluster, enabling new contacts in wastewater treatment companies, large enterprises from the pharmaceutical sector, and other companies.

The expansion of the AdvIQwater project is reflected by the participation of institutions apart from partners and associated organizations. We had the pleasure to discuss with representatives from Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP) who are experienced with other prospective advanced techniques. Professor Juergen Kolb shared his expertise in the field of marine system decontamination and highlighted the topic of hot-spots identification.

Lastly, thanks to the discussion and joint arrangements, we decided to organize a seminar in Gdańsk for Partners, Associated Organizations, and interested institutions to cooperate within the new network. This meeting is planned for June 2023, aiming to propose solutions for improving wastewater treatment processes by advanced methods and opportunities for the development of current technologies for removing micropollutants. Additionally, it will be a great occasion to experience an adventure on the floating lab ‘Photon’ to see and measure marine conditions in the output from the largest wastewater treatment plant in Gdańsk.

Special thanks to all participants for their engagement and proposed ideas. We are looking forward to the next steps for Improving the quality of BSR waters using advanced treatment processes. This meeting allowed us to detail and plan innovative solutions for the protection of the Baltic Environment from micropollutant pollution.

Project AdvIQwater was approved within the Priority 2 – Water-smart societies within the program objective of Sustainable waters. In this regard, advanced technology to remove contaminants from mechanically and biologically treated sewage will be proposed, meeting the expected more stringent quality of effluent being discharged to marine coastal waters or intended for reuse, which corresponds to the EU circular economy.