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Webinar: “How to be an attractive city for citizens and guests through modern technologies?”

25 January 2024
This informative webinar, organized by LUT University, focused on the application of modern technologies in various fields. The event was held online, on 12 January 2024, with the LUT University Team playing a pivotal role in both organizing and presenting key segments of the webinar. The agenda was meticulously structured, providing a comprehensive view of the latest technological trends and their practical applications.
Technical details

The session began with a warm welcome from the LUT University Team, represented by Katriin Vannik, setting a positive tone for the webinar. Brief introductions were made, along with an overview of the webinar’s objectives. Katriin provided also a concise presentation showcasing a specific project that highlighted the intersection of academia and modern technology.

Then the presentation concerning Existing Examples of Modern Technologies in Use was held by Michał Klepka, from Mazovia Development Agency, Poland. He delved into various existing examples of modern technologies in use. His discussion emphasized practical applications of VR and XR technology in different European cities.

Afterwards, Sergey Troshkov from Ar-Go lab Oy, Finland had a presentation regarding extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies. He elaborated on the latest developments in these fields and their potential impacts, drawing from his experience at Ar-Go Lab Oy in Finland. What is more, Sergey showed ongoing pilots that are developed during the project.

Last but not least, Professor Marko Torkkeli from LUT University, Finland provided insights into innovations within the public sector. His expertise offered a unique perspective on how modern technologies can be leveraged to enhance public services and processes.

The event concluded with a brief wrap-up session, answering the questions and inviting to participate in a Survey for public service professionals.

The webinar successfully highlighted the dynamic role of modern technologies in the public sector. Each speaker brought unique insights and practical examples, making the session both educational and engaging. LUT University’s initiative in organizing this webinar demonstrated its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and their application in diverse fields.