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Smiltene Municipality

25 January 2024
Meet Smiltene Municipality from Latvia.
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About Smiltene Municipality

Smiltene Municipality – local authority in Latvia, dedicated to work for the needs of our community. Located in the Vidzeme cultural and historical region at the Estonia border, with an area of 1800.55 km2 and known for its rich culture, stunning natural beauty, and strong sense of community. It consists of 16 territorial units: the town of Smiltene, the town of Ape and 14 villages.

The competence of the municipality are regulated by laws and regulations and by the statutes of the municipality approved by the City Council. Smiltene Municipality is responsible for ensuring execution of decisions adopted by the City Council, the organisational and technical service of its work, as well as the provision of municipal services to citizens, promotion of the attraction of investment, the creation and development of new viable and competitive enterprises, the creation of new jobs and initiation of business support measures. With a focus on sustainable development and improving the quality of life for our residents, we work collaboratively with businesses, organizations, and individuals to create a vibrant and thriving region.

In this rapidly evolving technological era, the municipality is keen to learn from the best AR/ AI solutions in order to adapt and implement them in different fields in our municipality – monitoring, planning, selection, implementation, evaluation. As part of the 3 I solutions for PS project team, the Smiltene municipality is enthusiastic to participate in the development of augmented reality solutions and will test them in public outdoor spaces in close cooperation with citizens and users of public services. Municipality has experience in implementing national, cross-border and international projects in various fields – infrastructure, education, environment, social and cultural fields and some good experience in the use/application of new technologies in events such as the Entrepreneurs’ Award 2023 in Smiltene.

Thus, collaborating with project partners, we aim to create a long-term impact in the development of the municipality, national and BSR level through the use of innovative technologies.

Learn more:

Website: https://smiltenesnovads.lv/
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/SmiltenesNovads

Contact us:
Vita Grigule – vita.grigule@smiltenesnovads.lv