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3I solutions for PS

Mazovia Development Agency Plc (ARMSA)

25 January 2024
Meet the Partners that work together on the 3I solutions for PS project: Mazovia Development Agency Plc (ARMSA) from Poland.
Technical details


Mazovia Development Agency (ARMSA) is a public company located in Warsaw (Poland) that was established in 2005 by the decision of the Board of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. From the early beginning Agency was involved in policy making processes and institutional capacity building, connected with creating the economic potential of Mazowieckie Voivodeship after entrance to the European Union. As the ARMSA is subordinate and belongs to regional authorities, has an advisory role, recommends beneficial solutions and forms regional policies together with Self-government e.g. as a member of working groups, design and implementation of different policy instruments.

ARMSA defines its mission to support the region through the transfer of capital and knowledge to support its sustainable development of the whole region. The Agency focuses on supporting the dynamic development of region by building friendly institutional ecosystem in the areas as information society, human resources, entrepreneurship and innovation, urban development, internationalization. The key potential of the Agency comes from long professional activity by its 5 different departments:
1. Department of Training and Territorial Promotion
2. Investor and Exporter Service Center
3. Department of Urban Policy and Innovation
4. Infrastructure Investment Department
5. Capital Investment Department

The scope of activities has direct link to the Strategy Development of the Mazowieckie Voivodship, consequently its experience is in areas covering almost all responsibilities of the regional self-government. The key success factor of its professional activity is strong and close cooperation in a regional and international consortia, always making the results of these activities available free of charge to partner organizations throughout the whole region.

ARMSA closely cooperates with companies, local government, public- and business- environment institutions to build the innovative and friendly eco-system for SME’s. It has wide experience in companies’ support, organizing clusters. Widely cooperates with NGOs, building extensive relations and networks; areas of cooperation include participation in project stakeholder groups, co-organization of promotional, training or economic events. By the numerous contacts in the Mazovia region we easily access and cooperate with different type of communities such as: technology clusters, R&D organizations, Start-ups, local agencies and communities. ARMSA as a representative of Mazovian authorities is performing numerous initiatives that support public and private sphare in their development and transformation toward modern economy. Altogether ARMSA and aforementioned institutions created network of professional relations with huge amount of institutions and experts that allow us to implement innovative and ambitious initiatives that change the regional policy and activities.

Important support of the cooperation in the region comes from implementation of activities at the international level, including numerous projects co-financed by the EU funds e.g. the Interreg Europe, Interreg Central Europe, Horizon 2020, Interreg Baltic Sea Region, Erasmus and Visegrad Fund.

ARMSA in 3I solutions for PS

In the 3I Solution for PS project, ARMSA is operating as a co-leader responsible for mutual management of the project ensuring proper implementation of the essential activities planned in the project. Together with the other partners, ARMSA is also engaged in realization of essential activities, with the special focus on: delivering data necessary to the project success,: overview of the innovative technology applications from different perspectives, designing and executing the survey of public institutions, co-organising of round table (webinar), creating local debate about IT solutions in public administration. ARMSA holds the Communication Officer Position and manage the external communication of the project.

The important element of its activity is testing of the solutions using direct links to project`s Target Groups, especially direct connections with Associated Organizations for public services, participation in the sharing process, participation in the implementation of a hackathon, supporting participants with professionals, mentors; promotion of the hackathon format. Polish Experts are also involved in creation of hybrid course and handbook.

On the communication level ARMSA will contribute to local and regional communication activities, build relationships with stakeholder groups and contribute to dissemination of the project results.
As company with wide experience with international projects, ARMSA is open for creating spaces for mutual learning, transfer of experience and practises and policy making in future international projects.

Learn more:

Website: https://en.armsa.pl/

Contact details:
Ilona Bąk – i.bak@armsa.pl
Michał Klepka, PhD Eng. – m.klepka@armsa.pl, Mobile: +48 501 711 663