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AR-GO lab Oy

29 January 2024
Meet AR-GO lab Oy, from Finland.
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About AR-GO lab Oy

AR-GO lab Oy is an immersive studio from Imatra, Finland offering extended reality solutions to the private companies and public sector. Digital twins, immersive metaverses, gamified AR-tours, virtual worlds, 3D animation, AI-empowered solutions are competences of a small, but very professional team. Acting as technology partner in the project, AR-GO lab Oy develops two platform solutions to help public authorities to support tourism services, urban planning, investment promotion as well as improve visitors and citizens engagement in decision-making process.

AR Informational Access Point offers access to city information, navigation to the points of interest, information about local services, special offers, events, polls and much more. AR IAP is a new generation communication channel between public authority, citizens and tourists accessible from any device via QR-code.

VR Urban visualisation tools help cities and municipalities to show planned investment in small infrastructure and receive citizens feedback. It is also an effective tool to visualise investment plans with “ennen”, “nyt” and “in future” layers for planning departments, citizens and investors.

Both tools have trained AI-empowered assistants answering questions and providing reliable, up-to-date and personalised public information to users. As a result of the development process, the platforms will allow any city and municipality from the Baltic Sea Region to join free of charge and customise the functionality with their own information using admin panel tools.

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Follow AR-GO lab Oy LinkedIn pages to stay tuned about solution development progress and release news https://www.linkedin.com/company/77033937