Innovative Strategies for Public Catering: the Expansion of the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit

Practical Testing of the Tool "Deposit take-away system" by Municipality of Rybnik, Poland

28 April 2023
When the reusable containers were introduced in Rybnik in 2021, under StratKIT project, in the social economy enterprise “Bistro z Ikrą”, there was a demand on expansion of the tool with more canteens.
Technical details


Could you tell about the progress and the developments of this tool?

The extended tool is currently being tested, but there are already dozen of customers using the re-usable containers and cups, both ways – paying the deposit and getting it back at the same canteen or paying the deposit at one and returning the boxes at a different one.

There was a modification introduced in Rybnik – cross deposit of existing re-usable containers and cups was introduced, thanks to Silesian Space of Innovation Programme, implemented by Cooperation Fund and supervised by local NGO – Centre of Social Initiatives Development (CRIS). Also a new product was introduced – public reusable cup for hot beverages. More canteens were invited to join the system and a customer can pay a deposit at one canteen and return the boxes to another, in different part of the city (the same works for re-useable cups), at any time.

An information was sent to Rybnik catering entrepreneurs, and a meeting was organized. It was facilitated by the partner conducting the practical testing – Interpretor Sp. z o.o. (the containers’ producer), the Municipality representatives were present to emphasize that reducing single-use plastic is one of Rybnik’s priorities, as well as CRIS. The deposit price was agreed – the same for every canteen and the entrepreneurs were familiarized with the system (also practicalities). “Bistro z Ikrą” shared their one-year experience of operating the re-usable containers. Every canteen joining the system was supposed to sign a contract with the containers’ provider and Municipality of Rybnik developed promotional material (posters) and committed to promote the tool at the Municipality’s webpage and social media.

Which organisations were involved in the implementation of the tool?

City of Rybnik,  Interpretor Sp. z o.o. (NICKNACK Polska), Association “Active”, Association Centre of Social Initiatives Development CRIS, Bistro z Ikrą, Centrum Plus, Stołówka na Wodociągach Mniam Mniam, Silesija cafe, Tu i Teraz Bistro, Pub Spółdzielczy Rybnik, Po schodkach Cafe, 4Fit Catering.

Who will benefit from this tool?

Catering entrepreneurs, as well as local governments that want to achieve Agenda 2030 Goals (12. Sustainable Consumption and Production) and get ride of single – use plastic.

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