Developing a transnational network of hydrogen refuelling stations for trucks

Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Helsinki Region and Southern Finland

30 April 2024
Technical details

Helsinki, vivid center of Southern Finland, is one of the major entry points into Finland

Helsinki Region in Southern Finland serves as a capital area of the country and holds 1,56 million inhabitants, which is almost 30 percent of Finland’s current population. It is also a logistical center with three port locations, Finland’s largest airport and good road and rail connections to surrounding areas through TEN-T routes E18 and E75.

The hydrogen economy in the region is taking its first solid steps towards carbon neutral energy systems and mobility. The Helsinki Region is a part of Europe’s largest transnational hydrogen valley BalticSeaH2 and multiple hydrogen production and use cases are being planned and developed in the area. The recently granted EUR 4.2 million European funding to Vireon Hydrogen Oy, will support the construction of 4 green hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy-duty transport in Finland, one of them in cooperation with Helen Oy in Vuosaari (Helsinki).


Beyond the Helsinki Region ports, the pilot also covers the Ports of Naantali-Turku and Hamina-Kotka


As Finland holds a unique feature and is mainly connected to other European countries through waterways, the Helsinki Region Pilot has been extended to cover the main port locations and logistical centers along the southern coastline in Turku area in southwest Finland and in Kotka area in southeast Finland. When these areas are included as connected pilots, HyTruck Helsinki Region Pilot can cover all main logistical entry points for vehicles and goods arriving from Europe to Finland.

The target of HyTruck Helsinki Region Pilot is to increase the knowledge and spread information regarding planning and operating hydrogen refueling stations and to create a proposal for optimal locations for HRSs required in the area to serve the future refueling needs of increasing fleet of FCEVs. The Helsinki Region Pilot gathers a large group of stakeholders involved in hydrogen economy and logistics and transportation systems and boosts the transnational collaboration between countries connected to each other through TEN-T corridors, allowing seamless operation of FCEVs across European borders.