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Wellbeing and recruitment app

09 June 2023
An application working on web and mobile which will be used to monitor the wellbeing of the remote workers in real time by answering simple base level and three different wellbeing related questions for remote working employees, with an optional comment for clarification. The results can be used by the employer to see how the remotely working employees are doing and if there were any issues which would require attention which can lead to improvements in wellbeing.
Technical details

Your day at distance, Fresh follow-up of your staff's wellbeingWellbeing of the employees is important and employees working remotely may have less contact with their co-workers compared to being in the office. Goal of the app is to get feedback from remotely working employees in a simple and easy way, which can be used to improve their wellbeing which will make the work environment a better place be it office or remote.

  • Used to measure how remotely working employees are doing
  • Simple to use
  • Employer can manage access to employees and add them into teams
  • Works on Android, iOS and web

Any organisation that has remotely working employees is invited to join the pilot to test the application and give feedback to its operation which can be used to improve the experience.

Users first answer a basemood and 3 simple questions after that:

  • Optional comment can be given to each answer
  • Questions are randomly selected each workday from a question set
  • After each of the available questions has been shown the cycle will start over again
  • After answering a result percentage is calculated and shown to the user
  • Finally the overall status of the current day is shown

Participating organisation will get real time information about the wellbeing of the employees who are working remotely. This information can be used to improve the wellbeing of the remotely working employees which can lead to better and healthier working environment be it office or remote.

  • Allows employer to check and see the results that the employees have answered
  • Results can be seen by team and either on weekly, monthly or yearly level
  • Access can be given to necessary employees or team leaders who needs it

Each day can be opened to see more detailed answers:

  • How were basemood question answered
    Display comment for the answer if one was given
  • Participating companies only need to have remotely working employees who are able and willing to join to use the application and at minimum answer the questions on a daily basis. Using the application only requires a modern web browser.

Available now on Android, iOS and web

  • Android (or find it on Google Play)
  • iOS (only available with the link)
  • Web

For more information contact: ville.peltola@centria.fi