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Open Innovation through Business Lab

13 September 2023
Business Lab is a process wherein you have the opportunity to collaboratively develop ideas with other organizations from various industries. The process is founded upon the principles of open innovation. Participants are subdivided into smaller groups that convene on a regular basis. During each meeting, our efforts will be grounded in the circumstances of one of the involved companies. 
Technical details

The process is structured, and participants engage in questioning, providing feedback, ideating, evaluating, and selecting ideas for further development within a concept canvas, which is the final result.

Open innovation processes harness the competencies and experiences of different individuals. Expanded perspectives increase the chances of significant breakthroughs where radical and groundbreaking innovation emerges. Business Lab online erases the geographical barriers and enables the collaborative development of new ideas with others.

All types of companies and organizations are invited to join. The purpose is to conduct development at the intersections of industries and sectors, because it is when one area of expertise intersects with another that groundbreaking innovation can arise.

Participation gives you new ideas and perspectives, along with a specific challenge summarized in a concept canvas that specifies key factors for you to further develop the idea and present it within your organization. You get new collaborations and potential partners and affairs.

To participate in the Business Lab, it is required that you can allocate time and resources for recurring meetings, where each meeting demands commitment from the participants.