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Digitalization strategy –model

21 May 2024
Technical details

A roadmap and a calculator for a successful digital solution in the company to help you get:

  • Support in developing your company’s digital solution
  • Support in implementing a digital solution
  • Support in bringing a solution to the company’s operations

A road map is a suitable tool for many different cases, which can be used to:

  • Examine the current situation of the company in relation to what kind of future we are aiming for
  • Where we are today
  • Where we want to be in the future

You can start filling in the road map here: https://distancelab.eu/roadmap-for-digital-business-advantage/
and Digital Solution Cost Calculator here: https://distancelab.eu/expence-calculator/
You can save your material as pdf for later use.

After using the tools, you can give feedback to leni.forsberg@centria.fi.