BSG-Go! Scaling-up Baltic Sea Game support for a resilient game industry

Work and Business Environment Resilience

25 July 2023
Both creative environments and work relations require a lot of trust and unimpaired environments for communication. How can we use remote and hybrid tools to provide an environment for exchange, ideation, creativity and decision-making? This pilots investigates different tools and strategies to be recommended to the game developer ecosystem.
Technical details


Any creative industry that feeds off teamwork and their common creative work finds themselves vulnerable in a crisis that restricts personal contact. In this pilot we will investigate strategies enhancing remote team work to remote recruitment, from remote support for business development to remote pitching to investors and publishers and creating business opportunities.

We are convinced that the community networks (hubs, clusters, community organisations etc.) can play a productive role if collaborating transnationally. The ecosystem strongholds could will again act as “antennae and transceivers” in communication network sheltering and upholding salient opportunities to reassure young talents and cultivate their contact with the industry and community during a crisis, on top of offering competence building opportunities.

The testbed planned for 2024 looking into  remote environments shall cover:

  • remote recruitment
  • work assignments
  • skills training / in-house mentoring
  • pitching / job candidature
  • in-company training
  • leadership (we’re specifically looking into leadership building of female employees)
  • business development advising / mentoring