Young Forum Open City

Project: UrbanTestbeds.JR
Physical Meeting
Young Citizens Engagement in Open City and Urban Experimentation - Forum, Workshop, Kids Engagement


UrbanTestbeds.JR lead organisation HafenCity University and associate partner Code for Hamburg will stage the first Young Open City Forum in Hamburg, engaging the open city forum community, the municipality, civic organisations and academic institutions in competency building for young citizens engagements in urban experimentation and planning. UrbanTestbeds.JR partners from Aarhus/Denmark, Luleå/Sweden, Valmiera/Latvia will contribute their experiences. A hands-on generative AI exercise and interactive showcases will let participants experience what some of the young citizens engagements are like. One of these young citizens engagements will be run in the morning in parallel and reported from in the forum.




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    Past events

    UrbanTestbeds.JR - Competency Bootcamp: Generative AI for Urban Planning with Children - Hamburg, Aarhus, Luleå
    Project: UrbanTestbeds.JR
    Virtual Meeting
    15. March 2024
    10:00 - 12:00 (CET)