WORKSHOP: Environmental and economical feasibility to recover glass fibers

Project: GlassCircle
Virtual Meeting & Physical Meeting
LCA of glass fiber, best practice stories from industry all to be shared during the workshop!


    Day 1 (14th September)
    15.00 Welcome!
    15.15 Workshop’s agenda, Zainab Al-Maqdasi (LTU)
    15.30 GlassCircle project, Liva Pupure (RTU)
    16.00 Mapping glass fiber ecosystem for value creation through circular use, Student presentation (AU)
    16.30 Concluding remarks
    Day 2 (15th September)
    08.55 Opening of Day-2
    09.00 Glass fibers - strong but sensitive, Christina Scheffler (IPF)
    09.30 Role of recycling industry, Martins Niklass (ZAAO)
    Industries: issues and solutions
    09.50 Anders Holmberg (Hitachi)
    10.10 Birgitha Nystrom (PodComp)
    10.30 Martins Millers (Valmiera Glass)
    10.50 Break
    11.10 Introduction to LCA, Carmen Cristescu (SLU)
    11.40 Waste mineral wool upcycled into alkali-activated facade panels and cobblestones with LCA, Barbara Horvat (ZAG)
    12.10 Giving recycled fiberglass a new life in circular products, Jakob W Nielsen (MILJØSKÆRM)
    12.30 Break
    12.50 Discussion panel, moderated by Z. Al-Maqdasi and R. Joffe (LTU)
    13.50 Concluding remarks


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