Training session 'Product life cycle and ecological footprint' (in Latvian)

Project: Circular spaces
Physical Meeting
Take part in a training session and gain knowledge on product life cycle and ecological footprint!


The aim of the event is to raise awareness on this topic in order to help assess and understand the environmental impact of existing and future products.
Entrepreneurs, small bussineses, self-employed, artists and creative enthusiasts, as well as anyone else who is concerned about environmental issues in the product production process, are welcome to participate.

The training will be led by: Janis Brizga (Senior Researcher and Assistant Professor at the University of Latvia and Chairman of the Board of "Zaļā brīvība")
❗️ Places are limited
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During the event we will talk about:

  • Environmentally friendly conditions during the product development.
  • Product life cycle, linear and circular economy.
  • What should be considered to promote the production and distribution of environmentally friendly products.
  • There will also be an opportunity to carry out a practical product sustainability mapping exercise, making you aware of the environmental impact of your current or potential future product.
  • We will hear from a representative of VLT Ltd about the company's experience in introducing sustainable innovations and operating on the basis of circular economy principles.

Working language LATVIAN


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