Training session and workshop 'Circular economy and sustainability' (in Latvian)

Project: Circular spaces
Physical Meeting
Participate in a training session about circular economy and sustainability!


Valmiera makerspace DARE, together with Valmiera Development Agency, invites you to celebrate Earth Day together, gaining new knowledge about the circular economy and its importance in our everyday life. The aim of the workshop is to bring this topic up to date in order to make your everyday decisions more sustainable and to help you assess and understand the environmental impact of existing and future products.
Interactive theoretical lesson on the basic elements of the circular economy together with an expert Laura Dzelzkalēja from Zero Waste Latvia.
Creative workshop "Give a flower pot and a plant a second life". Participants will have the task of bringing a flower pot from home that is no longer used on a daily basis. We’ll make hanging flower pot holders using the knotting technique together with the creative entrepreneur Ieva Palma. After that, we will fill the flower pots we brought with us with soil and some green plants that we will have collected and that need to be given a "second life" together with Liana Kažmere from "For my plants"!
We invite entrepreneurs, self-employed, artists and creative enthusiasts to participate, as well as anyone else who cares about environmental issues.
When? April 22
Where? Purva street 12A (2nd floor)
Time? 2 PM till 5 PM, (EEST)
The number of places is limited to 10 persons! Working language - Latvian!

Program and registration form:

The event is organized within the framework of the Circular Economy makerspace (Circular spaces) project.

This event is officially included in the list of side events of the World Circular Economy Forum!


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