The 2023 Annual Forum of the EUSBSR

Project: NonHazCity 3
Physical Meeting
The 14th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in Riga
  • Date
    04. - 06. October 2023
  • Organiser
    The event was organised jointly by the Riga City Council, Union of the Baltic Cities and VASAB, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and the Baltic Sea Strategy Point.


The Annual Forum is the annual highlight of the macro-regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. It unites policy-makers, key stakeholders and partners of the EUSBSR from local, regional, national, and EU levels.

This year’s forum aims to achieve four primary objectives:

  • exchange of best practices of cooperation,
  • stronger integration within the Baltic Sea Region and beyond,
  • forming synergies between various priority areas, and
  • creating links between the Strategy and the general public.

Special attention with the aim to encourage debate will be paid to climate affairs and green energy. And since the main agents of change and progress are young people, a strong focus will be placed on the importance of youth engagement in decision-making and having a strong youth representation.


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