BSI_4Women Workshop and Steering Committee Meeting, Kaunas 2023

Project: BSI_4Women
Physical Meeting
The presentation of the second Partership meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Date & Time
    10. - 12. October 2023
    13:00 - 15:00 (CET)
  • Organiser
    Tech-Park Kaunas, Lithuanian Partner of the BIS_4Women project
  • Venue
    • Tech-Park Kaunas, Breslaujos g 3
    • Kaunas
    • Lithuania


The BSI_4Women project is hosting a 3-day workshop and meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania, at the KTU Multifunctional Center from October 10-12, 2023. This event focuses on helping refugee women in the Baltic Sea region by improving their chances to work and integrate into society.

During the event, participants work on creating business tools for refugees, setting up a fund to invest in their projects, and finding ways to make their integration easier. They discuss how to build networks and understand the needs of local communities through a joint effort across countries.

Experts from different development agencies share their knowledge on how best to support refugee women. They cover everything from finding and supporting business ideas to helping these ideas grow after the initial setup.

This workshop is important for exchanging ideas, making connections, and planning how to better support refugee women and their communities.


    BSI_4Women Workshop and Steering Committee Meeting, Kaunas 2023
    The BSI_4Women project holds a three-day workshop in Kaunas, Lithuania, from October 10 to 12, 2023, aimed at empowering refugee women in the Baltic Sea region. The event starts with discussions on how regional projects can better serve these women, focusing on building strong local networks and understanding their specific needs through targeted research. Day two is action-oriented, with detailed exploration of the incubation process for startup ideas from refugee women. This includes practical sessions on idea scouting and development, supplemented by visits to local tech and innovation centers to learn about existing support mechanisms. The workshop wraps up on the third day with sessions on refining business development strategies and post-incubation support tailored to different regional contexts. A final recap consolidates the strategies and outcomes, ensuring that participants leave with actionable insights to help integrate and support refugee women effectively. Complete Agenda might be found here
    Day 1: October 10, 2023
    • 13:00 - Welcoming Lunch and Opening Remarks
    • 14:00 - Steering Committee Meeting begins with an introduction and overview of ongoing projects.
    • 14:10 - Discussion on regional/local stakeholder networks and presentation of survey results and diagnostics.
    • 15:30 - Coffee Break
    • 15:45 - Sessions on Project and Financial Management, followed by introductions to the Transnational Learning Workshop.
    • 16:45 - Detailed presentation of the BSI_4Women incubation program.
    • 17:45 - Discussion and summary of the day's insights.
    • 18:00 - End of the first day.
    Day 2: October 11, 2023
    • 09:00 - Arrival and morning tea/coffee.
    • 09:30 - Presentation on supporting refugee women, including a short project introduction.
    • 09:40 - Detailed exploration of the incubation program's startup idea scouting phase.
    • 10:30 - Focus group session on the needs and challenges of refugee women entrepreneurs.
    • 12:00 - Networking Lunch.
    • 13:00 - Start of the afternoon study visit to local tech and innovation centers.
    • 14:00 - Incubation program sessions on soft-landing activities and business development.
    • 15:00 - Coffee break.
    • 15:15 - Continued discussions on business development strategies and good practices.
    • 16:00 - Closing study visit at the Kaunas City Museum.
    • 18:30 - End of the second day.
    Day 3: October 12, 2023
    • 09:00 - Arrival and morning tea/coffee.
    • 09:30 - Incubation phase discussions on good practices and proposed actions.
    • 10:15 - Individual support sessions for the best business ideas.
    • 11:00 - Coffee break.
    • 11:15 - Post-incubation support and action planning.
    • 11:45 - Focus on smart specializations and regional specifics.
    • 12:30 - Recap session summarizing the workshop's insights and outcomes.
    • 13:00 - Networking lunch and official closing of the workshop.


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