Shaping Farm to School Programmes

Project: BSR Food Coalition
Virtual event
We invite you to get first hand information on the ongoing Baltic Farm to School test beds.


This is the second out of three "progress made so far" events. We are at the middle stage of the Farm to School piloting in five Baltic regions; Latgale, Klaipeda, Kurzeme, Tartu and Vorumaa. Each regional partner will present their achievements but also the road bumps occurred so far.
Our focus areas are on the open the market for smallholder farmers in public procurement, training for school cooks and solutions to increase the organic food supply.

Why join?
Each region is different and there is no “one solution fits all”. These piloting activities are meant to adjust solutions to unique local contexts and provide support for municipalities, famers and schools. We’re sure you know your region better than an outsider does, and that you can add value to the conversation, so come share and play your part!

To know more, we invite you to register to take a seat at the online table.


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