Project: MUNIMAP
Physical Meeting
  • Date
    11. - 13. June 2024
  • Organiser
    Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, K.U.M. GmbH & GbmH Kiel
  • Venue
    • Die Pumpe, Haßstraße 22
    • Kiel
    • Germany

Description and KUM GmbH as partners of the Interreg North Sea REMARCO project organised a joint session with the MUNIMAP project in addition to their regular meeting. Both projects have partly overlapping partners, and both are dedicated to remediation of dumped munitions.

The meeting was a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas between these two projects and identify opportunities for future cooperation.

An interactive workshop with 4 stations (world café) was moderated by the GmbH team in order to elicit knowledge for the created for both projects Risk Assessment/Data Management software. They prepared in based on the input given by participants in an online survey. Participants rotated between the 4 workshop stations:

Station 1. Event storming - Defining events and actions needed to reach milestones in the risk assessments

Station 2. Back story - Going back in time from the finalised product -THE perfect munitions risk assessment tool, and what is needed to get there

Station 3. Design the box - What kind of information is needed to create a product

Station 4. User profiles - What are the tasks, needs, insights, pains and gains of our target groups


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