2nd Regional Stakeholder Group meeting (Germany)

Project: BSR DeepTech Launch
Virtual event
2nd Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG) meeting with Students (Germany)
  • Date & Time
    06. December 2023
    14:00 - 16:30 (CEST)
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    • Virtual event


Representatives from Student Chapter (OPTICA), Claus Roll, ProANH (Uta Voigt and Daniela Stozno), local Student Chapter TU Berlin (Sammia Klingner) were present.

After a very brief round of introductions, we started discussing how we can get young people interested in photonics. In the area of training (ProANH), it is currently not a problem; after almost 15 years of information work, the training programme for microtechnologists is well known. Through representation at many training fairs, the chambers of commerce and school programmes with open days and information events at schools, all vacancies can currently be filled with qualified applicants. There are around 30% more applicants than places available.
The situation is completely different at universities and universities of applied sciences. The new generations of students are almost impossible to reach after school. Enrolment figures are falling sharply in all degree programmes. In the field of photonics, one degree programme at a university of applied sciences is even struggling to survive due to a lack of applicants.
On the other hand, students are complaining that they are unable to find a suitable job after graduating and therefore naturally do not recommend this degree programme to others. There is obviously a big communication gap here, as there is a great demand and many vacancies, and companies are complaining that they cannot find suitable applicants.

Outcome for tools:

Many small and medium-sized events are needed to overcome this information gap. The promotion of the offers must also be reflected on all modern channels in order to reach young people. This does not mean TikTok videos, as these are not media-specific authentic and will not be successful. Young people communicate a lot in closed chat groups. This makes access difficult and requires very long-term preparation.

To Dos:

The "Working in Photonics" format will be continued and organised together with student representatives (Student Chapter). The effort seems high, as the plan is to hear around 10 pitches from the field of photonics from employees, founders, professors and researchers and to address a group of a maximum of 50 students. However, this ensures that a large number of 1:1 discussions take place and that the 50 participants can each serve as multipliers for their fellow students.


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