Pilot phase kick-off meeting for Latvia's Kaigu bog green industrial area

Project: GreenIndustrialAreas
Physical Meeting
Local stakeholder meeting


The meeting will be opened with the project description, goal, stages, the description of the current stage, and the compendia. It will be followed by a description of the Kaigu bog industrial area as a pilot project. This will include Laflora's future plans, current situation, and a general description of certification guidelines. Discussions will focus on the certification criteria and its implementation in the Kaigu industrial area, as well as the alignment of the general criteria with the situation in Latvia.  Additionally, if time allows, there will be a discussion on the potential management system in the Kaigu industrial area and the identification of additional key players for the project. Representatives of public administration institutions from different levels are invited - both local (municipalities), regional (Energy Agency), and national (responsible ministry), as well as representatives of business organizations and entrepreneurs themselves, representatives of NGOs and research institutions and others.


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