Nordic Nature-Based Solutions

Project: Supported by Nature
Physical Meeting
Supported by Nature is presented at the conference Nordic Nature-Based Solutions in Malmö, Sweden.


The Nordic Nature-Based Solutions conference aims to:
• Present results from the Nordic Council of Ministers' programme on nature-based solutions.
• Share broader information and insights on nature-based solutions.
• Provide inspiration, knowledge, and hands-on tools for better choices for a sustainable future.

We are delighted to announce that our partner Søren Per Sørensen, from Vordingborg Municipality and the Møn UNESCO Biosphere Area, will hold a presentation called "Supported by Nature - Creating Learning Sites for Nature-Based Solutions" in a parallell session on the topic "Biodiversity - Now and for Future Generations".

Søren has been dedicated to sustainable development, primarily in tourism and agriculture, since the late nineties, always emphasizing cooperation with local stakeholders. He is currently the project manager for the Danish partner of the Interreg Baltic Sea core project “Supported by Nature.”

In his presentation, Søren will present how a network of biosphere areas around the Baltic Sea is establishing Learning Sites for nature-based solutions through a multi-stakeholder approach. This very hands-on process actively involves local stakeholders in creating nature-based solutions and using these sites to inspire and educate others. You find the programme here.

Nature-based solutions are increasingly recognized as essential for addressing climate and environmental challenges. Simultaneously they are providing human well-being, ecosystem services and resilience and biodiversity benefits. Examples of nature-based solutions include the sustainable management of land and water resources, as well as the protection and restoration of vital ecosystems such as bogs, wetlands, and waterways.

From 2021-2024, the Nordic Council of Ministers is funding a programme on nature-based solutions. The purpose is to encourage the Nordic countries to work together, enhance their knowledge base and promote the implementation of effective strategies.


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